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CityLyfe is a free mobile app that solves the often problem “Where Do We Want To Go and What Do We Want to Do?” Our App gives you so many options for a fun and exciting time without going to any other App or Website!

Entertainment, Restaurants, Events, Deals, and More!

Get your daily dose of entertainment, events, restaurant specials, club deals, and ticket giveaways. With our App, you will be able to receive notifications and stay informed about all types of events, promotions and more!
Wanna go out on Friday Night but don’t know what’s going on?  CityLyfe has all the hottest events, restaurants, clubs and more, right in the app!

I get off work on Friday and of course, the question is "What are you doing after work?" Usually, I had no idea, but this app, wow!  I can find something to do, local stuff, big-name events, you name it, all on my smartphone.  I love being able to find something to do, regardless what I'm in the mood for.
Its not always easy to find something to do locally so when a friend tuned me in to the CityLyfe app I thought why not.  With the app I found a local event happening near me and a bar that I suggested to my friends so we could go to the next night.  Awesome app!
Christopher T.
CityLyfe is THE app for me when I'm looking for places to eat or have a drink, not just an event.  And the best part?  I can get deals on event tickets or from restaurants too!   Whether I'm looking for something to do tonight or for the weekend, the CityLyfe app has it.